Hamburger Stadtgeflüster

A close look on the history of Hamburg.
Stories and tales of Hamburg’s past.

As shadows grow longer…

…and the day's cacophony subsides, we embark on a romantic journey to Hamburg's past.

Four professional actors bring Hamburg’s history to life in a two-hour walking tour through the old and new parts of the city.

Let night-watch and lantern-bearer Jan Ellerbrook guide you through Hamburg's alley-ways and passages, where you will encounter men and women from 700 years of Hamburg's history. They have many tales to tell, from the mysterious to the dramatic, from the comic to the tragic, of “pepper sacks” and pirates, small fish and great fires.

And when the charming baker's wife Mariechen treats you to an authentic Hamburg titbit, you will get a taste of one of Hamburg's best-kept secrets, its home-grown full-flavoured beer…

The tour is available in English for groups (min. 20 guests).

For inquiries please call +49 40 / 730 581 68 or send us an email.

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Startpunkte unserer Vorstellungen

Hauptkirche St Michaelis, Portal Nr. 4

Innenhof des Hamburger Rathauses am Hygieia Brunnen.


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